NSW Branch

Mega Electrics AUS have been in operation since 1991, providing a national service for electrical and mechanical industries. In 2016 Mega Electrics AUS established a permanent office in Sydney. Providing electrical and mechanical services for infrastructure projects, tunnels and road ways. Industrial projects, service and maintenance. Commercial projects, multi-story and warehousing. With Mega Electrics AUS having an extensive history, experience and expert knowledge in specialized electrical areas. We believe that the quality and reliability of our service will be an asset to your companies requirements.

Sydney Address

1/9a Foundry Road, Seven Hills, NSW 2147

Projects in Sydney

Mega Electrics AUS are completing multiple projects in NSW. These projects include:

  • North Connex, Roads and Tunnels
  • West Connex M4 East, Tunnels
  • West Connex New M5, Tunnels
  • West Connex 3A, Tunnels
  • West Connex 3B, Tunnels
  • Sydney Metro, Tunnels
  • Aquatic Engineering, Industrial
  • Mobile Conveying Services, Industrial and Mechanical
  • Centennial Coal, Industrial and Mechanical
  • Rand Transport, Industrial
  • Child Care Construction Solutions, Commerical
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