High Voltage

Mega Electrics AUS have a team of highly trained HV Cable Jointers and HV commissioning technicians. The HV cable jointers have national accreditation and are highly experienced up to and including 33Kv. The HV commissioning technicians are well equipt and experienced in all facets of cable fault location and HV protection systems. The teams skills and services offered are in the following areas:

  • High Voltage termination up to including 33Kv
  • Underground joints up to including 33Kv
  • Aerial cabling and terminations up to and including 33Kv
  • Installation of underground cables and services
  • Ring Main Units, installation and testing, up to and including 132Kv
  • Installation and testing of transformers, up to and including 132Kv
  • Design and installation of earth grids
  • Scheduled maintenance of transformers, RMU’s, circuit breakers, protection relays and earthing systems
  • Performing HV switching operations
  • Cable identification and spiking
  • Testing of HV cables, VLF testing, up to and including 132Kv
  • Cable fault location
  • High pot and Ductor testing of HV equipment
  • Transformer testing and commissioning, IR testing, oil sampling, protection instruments, turn ratio testing and tap changes
  • Protection relay’s, commissioning, testing and upgrading.
  • HV Protection relay Studies
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